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5 Leadership Principles to Help You Lead at Home

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Being a stay at home mom is not for the faint of heart. After all, your leadership has the potential to impact multiple generations. No pressure. There’s no manual for this job, but there are principles you can trust – principles that work. Here are 5 leadership principles to help you lead at home.

5 Leadership Principles To Help You Lead At Home

5 Leadership Principles to Help You Lead at Home

1 | Connect through Listening:

Listening is truly a lost art. It’s much easier to quickly give our opinions and direction before taking a moment to listen, empathize, and ask good questions. Employees are looking for a leader who identifies with them more than a leader who impresses them. Why? Because it shows that you are human above everything else.

When we choose to listen to others, they become much more receptive to what we have to say. We can improve our listening habits by doing two things: showing empathy and asking good questions.

At home application:

Every member of the family desires to feel understood. As I said earlier, it’s very easy to give advice or direction before we take time to listen. We know our families on a deep level, so it can also be easy for us to assume we know what they are going to say and jump to conclusions before listening fully.

As parents, it is almost second nature to quickly correct our kids and redirect them because this is something we have been doing since before they could talk and express themselves.

When I began to discover that my 6 year old daughter was a “compliant child” (a child who is compliant in front of you and defiant when you aren’t around) I was challenged to discover why.

It soon became clear that she never really had the power to make her own choices. I always directed her on what to do. It wasn’t a conversation…because children should listen and obey without delay, right? But this isn’t reality. Without the power to take ownership of your own decisions (within limits) children learn to obey you to your face and make their own decisions when they have freedom without you. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want a child who is a good faker. I want my child to have good character. So here’s how you lead at home:

Empathy shows others that you care and that their issues and feelings matter. It isn’t submitting to the will of others or even agreeing with them. Empathy is simply relating to them and letting them know that THEY are important.

Respond to the conversation with an empathy statement. “I understand why you would feel that way.” or “I want to help you resolve this…” can both go a long way. To dig into this deeper, read this article.

Asking Good Questions can do so much for both parties! It allows the listener to truly understand the entirety of the speakers situation and it allows the speaker to feel heard and to thoughtfully speak through the issue they are having without feeling shut down or unheard.

The best rule of thumb for this is to ask two or three questions before you give input. Usually questions will come to your mind that you more than likely need clarification on, but if you can’t think of anything, try saying “What I’m hearing you say is this…Is that right?”


2 | Set Goals:

In pretty much every occupational industry, goals are required. Whether it be sales goals, goals to complete projects, or meet deadlines. Goals are necessary to succeed and drive the business forward. So why wouldn’t we do this while we lead at home?

If this isn’t a thought you are used to, you are probably asking yourself what goals you have. I know so many moms who claim to feel stuck or bored with their every day lives. They have ideas for what they want to accomplish in their homes but follow through is difficult. Each day they aim for perfection/the end goal. 

The issue with aiming for the end goal rather than focusing on daily progress is that you become discouraged much too quickly. If you would describe yourself as someone who starts a lot of things, but can never follow through – I see you! I AM you. Moving forward, try setting monthly, weekly, and daily goals.

At home application:

When I started this year, I knew my word for the year was PURPOSE. I was stepping into a season that would be difficult and new for me as I was leaving the workplace to start building our life at home with my children and I was seeking to find purpose again.

In the beginning, I had so many ideas for changes I wanted to make and things I wanted all of us to do. I tried. (I’m a really good trier!) What I was missing was the fundamentals of setting goals and making progress at home. It honestly wasn’t until I found Powersheets that I truly found hope in making progress on my goals. Here’s a look at my June goals:

Set your goals: You don’t need Powersheets to get started on setting goals, though. You can set goals in your normal daily planner or calendar. Decide what you really want to focus on over the next 3-6 months and create monthly goals from that. Once you have monthly goals, break it down into weekly and daily goals.

Keep track of your progress: Depending on how you chose to write out your goals, don’t stop there! Revisit them at the start of each week and each day thereafter to see what you could focus on that day. When you see that slow progress, it will encourage you to keep going!

Tip: When setting each goal, decide how you will celebrate it’s completion! When you complete the goal, follow through on the celebration. You earned it!


3 | Have Accountability

As someone who stays at home and controls her own schedule, having accountability around my goals can seem like an afterthought. After all, if one of my self-care goals is to get a pedicure, it seems a little odd to ask for accountability in that area.

For many people, accountability has a negative connotation. That’s simply because it has a tendency to be abused. The point of accountability is not to bring you down when you haven’t followed through, but to encourage you along the way before that happens. Good leaders thrive on accountability and it will motivate you as you lead at home.

At home application:

Invite accountability. After you have set some goals for yourself, get excited about them! Invite someone you trust in on the conversation. Let them know when you would like to meet the goal and what you may need along the way.

Back to the pedicure goal. My husband knows me well. I have a tendency to take care of everything else and I typically like to spend my extra money on things for my kids (or my Starbucks “chaos coffee” when my day seems unmanageable.) So he made it a point to remind me to schedule an appointment for some self-care.

Accept Accountability. Like any leader, being teachable is key. If your goal was important enough for you to invite accountability, it’s also important to accept the accountability when it comes. Give yourself grace when you don’t meet your goals and don’t respond defensively. Progress is progress.


4 | Drip in Passion

One of the best ways to motivate employees is to show that you are passionate about the work you do. Passion is contagious and there is no better way to get someone on board with you.

When I was in the workplace and was hesitant to do something that I knew would be difficult (even if it was the right thing to do) my team felt it. Those above, beneath, and beside you will feel it. When you allow the challenge to outweigh your passion, it brings everyone down.

When you lead at home, this principle is evident. Dripping in passion will affect the little things like cleaning, cooking, running errands, etc. It also affects the bigger things like showing kindness, forgiveness, good character, and so on.

At home application:

Purpose leads to passion: If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably found yourself drained at the end of the day from the countless tasks it takes to maintain your home (and sanity). The idea that these tasks would only be there to greet me again in the morning was discouraging.

The first thing I had to do was ask myself why I do these things? What is the ultimate purpose? for me, the purpose was to make a more peaceful home for my husband and myself. We were able to enjoy our kids in the evenings without having to worry about mundane tasks. For you it may be different, but find your purpose, nonetheless.

Passion yields results: Once you find the passion behind your purpose, others will notice. It becomes a lot easier for others to be around a more positive and passionate you. You will become more joyful and start to inspire others along the way. When your kids also see the “why” behind the “what” they too can become passionate about working hard for a greater purpose.


5 | Take Risks

How many times have you heard the age old story of a business owner quitting everything to pursue their calling? every great thing from technology to the church started and continued through taking risks.

I am all for prayerful consideration. By all means, weigh the pros and cons, pray, and seek guidance from others. Just know that at some point you have to take action. If there is a decision you are waiting to make, something you know God is calling you to do, you’re a coward if you don’t do it.

Did that burst your bubble? It should.

At home application:

Maybe you’re feeling pressed to change a routine in your household, to start a hobby that would be life-giving to you, joining or starting a small group, homeschooling instead of putting your kids in school, or stepping back into the workplace. Do it. Nothing extraordinary ever came of playing it safe.

Set a date for your new endeavor. Sometimes in order for something to turn from an idea to reality is giving yourself a time limit. Decide when you want to start, and stick to it by telling someone else about it.

Take the first step today by breaking it down. What’s one small action step you can take right now? Don’t allow time to pass by before you take that big risk. Start small


If you’re looking for more tools to help you lead at home, try checking out some of my favorite leadership tools.

I love looking to leadership principles to implement in my home. What Leadership principles have helped you lead at home?

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  1. Amanda

    I like how you take a real-world scenario and then bring it back to how it would translate in the home. I am at home too, so this is very helpful for me!!

  2. Mahogany Daughtery

    I found these tips to be inspiring! I would say I am currently taking risks with creating my blog and I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone. I will be using these tips. Thanks!

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