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Being Your Own Boss: What No One Tells You

It’s easy to fall in love with the idea of being your own boss and all of the flexibility that it brings. You see all the possibilities of creating your own schedule and routines. You expect to have more time with your family and friends. Seeing those who are currently self-employed on social media flaunting their lifestyles you begin to consider it for yourself. But what aren’t they telling you?

Being Your Own Boss What no on tells you

Being Your Own Boss: What no on tells you

You are subject to an audience.

Whatever you are “selling” has to benefit the customer.

Whether you choose to be a network marketer selling the next best skincare, or you decide to open up your own salon, maybe you decide to blog (HEY-O!) your customer determines your results.

Your customers have to believe in that skincare! Your client has to trust that you are the best person to go to for a new hairstyle. Your readers have to benefit from the content on your blog. It’s easy to take this personally when it is your business. Not everyone will be as passionate about what you are doing, getting them to feel that they can believe, trust, and benefit from your product is half of the battle.

The audience calls the shots.

This is hard to take in before you are ready, but at the end of the day, being your own boss does not mean you call ALL the shots. The audience determines whether or not they can believe, trust, and benefit from what you are selling. If they don’t, you won’t get the results you are looking for.

This is why you always hear about the “hustle,” you hear about all of the “no’s” an entrepreneur heard before they heard the “yes.” So many people venture off to start their own business claiming they will adore being their own boss, only to discover that, in fact, they are still working for people, just in a different way.


You are subject to time.

Entrepreneurs work longer hours than employees.

Isn’t it true, though? We leave the workplace and all of it’s demands only to find that we are now running a business that requires more time, more energy, and more sacrifice than before.

I know, it’s a twisted turn, but welcome to self-employment. When my husband and I first started our business, I was 8 months pregnant. I remember my husband working while I was in the hospital after we had our son, Israel. We said goodbye to those nice employee vacation hours and traded it in for long days and sleepless nights.

Entrepreneurs are the only people who will work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40 hours a week. – Lori Greiner

You can’t always pick up and leave.

During the start of your business, it’s hustle time. Until you have developed a revenue that is working in the background or you have saved enough of your salary, no time on the beach for you!

We are always hearing self-employed people say, “I love that I get to create my own schedule.” and while this is true in many ways, you aren’t able to just pick up and leave whenever you feel like it (at least not without the sacrifice of pay).


You are subject to excellence.

No one wakes up wanting to suck.

How often do you wake up and tell yourself, “I’m gonna go ahead and just really give it my worst today”? I’m honestly hoping your answer is never, or else you probably wouldn’t be reading this. Excellence is in our very nature, we were created to crave the best out of life, to want to have everything it has to offer, beginning from within. Often, this is what leads us to make the decision to become self-employed. We believe we can do MORE.

This belief doesn’t come without sacrifice. When you truly BELIEVE in what you are doing, you want to be the best, and because you want the best, you demand that from yourself. It’s exhausting, and sometimes even discouraging when you feel like you aren’t reaching your full potential. When you decide to be your own boss, what you are really deciding is to be subject to your own success. Success doesn’t come without excellence.

Your drive for excellence decides for you.

Many people want excellent results without having an excellent work ethic. It’s simple, really. People get tired of the hustle that is being your own boss.

Say you had a difficult time working 40 hour weeks and listening to your boss, so you decide to quit and go off on your own. You start with absolute motivation. You set up a plan, you get excited about your business. You have a product or idea to sell.

Then everything catches up to you. You are working hard and aren’t getting the money you expected. You aren’t reaching all of your goals. Losing sight of your mission you begin to lose your drive. So that drive (or lack of drive) leads you to quit. There’s no one putting you on a Performance Improvement Plan, no one watching over you and demanding better performance.



What you should know

There is a really good possibility that you have what it takes.

Just as your drive for excellence can turn your business upside down, it can also give you a breakthrough. When you keep pushing against those negative thoughts, you find success. When you discover who you are as a leader you can prevent losing your drive. When you keep striving for excellence despite your exhaustion, you find freedom. The hustle pays off. The business pays you. You continue to flourish.

You have to believe in yourself. Don’t give up just because it’s difficult. Allow the struggle to grow you and move you forward.

Wishing you the best in your self-employment journey!


What are some the dark sides of being your own boss that you discovered along the way? Drop a comment below!

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