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10 Ways You Can Build Your Marriage Daily

Have you been having a difficult time finding ways to build your marriage? It’s no surprise to anyone that life has somehow gotten the best of us and here we are struggling to tend to our marriage among many other things. If you have kids, I’m sure that just adds to the pressure of it all.

I’ve been there! It’s stressful, friend, but I am here to tell you that it’s probably not as hard as you may think to build your marriage daily.

I’ve collected just a few of my favorite ways that my husband and I build our marriage everyday. I hope it can help you as much as it has helped us!

10 Ways You Can Build Your Marriage Daily

10 Ways You Can Build Your Marriage Daily

1 YouVersion Bible plans with friends

This is my favorite – hence, the top of the list. If you download the YouVersion App, you can search for different types of marriage devotionals.

Once you find one that you like, you can start the plan and the app will ask you if you want to do it by yourself or with friends.

You can invite your spouse and at the end of the devotional each day, send notes on what you feel God is speaking to you!

It is seriously so nice and I love what it does for me and my husband. It creates so much conversation with one another and also provides incredible accountability on getting in the Word each day.

2 Kiss in the morning

When you go out of your way in the morning to find your spouse and kiss them, you are telling them your connection with them is a priority to you. It’s easy to get distracted in the morning with preparing for work and getting the kids ready. It takes intention. When you are intentional about this, your spouse will notice.

Mornings are chaotic in our home. So when my husband comes and finds me just to kiss me, everything stops for that moment. Not Hollywood-fantasy status where everything around us slows down. That’s unrealistic. We have to literally stop what we are doing for a half-second, kiss, and know that our partner was thinking of us in that moment.

3 Give specific compliments

When you give compliments to your spouse on things that are within their control, it will feed their soul. For example, when we compliment how smart they are rather than how hard they work (their effort) we are really complimenting something that is “fixed” rather than something they “do.”

If we tell them they are handsome/pretty rather than complimenting a unique virtue such as patience and kindness, this is telling our spouse that what they look like makes us love them more or less. Again, its fixed, and out of their control. Every spouse likes to feel that their partner is attracted to them, that’s fine, just don’t make this your only compliment.

There are incredible studies on this topic, even for children!

4 flirt

Remember the good ol’ dating days when you were constantly flirting with your partner? It was bliss right? Let’s start doing that again!

I don’t know why we stop knowing how to flirt when we get married, but it’s actually super easy! Tease your spouse. Send them a flirty text message while they are at work. Have secretive physical contact in front of your kids, heck, have obvious physical contact in front of your kids!

5 Pray for them

Again with the intentionality! This one is easy to let slip, but in all honesty, it’s the most important. When we take time to pray for our spouses we are actually opening up to God and allowing Him to show us areas in ourselves, our spouse, and our marriage that need more of Christ.

Marriage is a huge battlefield and we are the soldiers. Most days we show up unarmed to the fight and forget where our source of strength comes from. When you lift up your spouse to God, it releases an insane amount of pressure for both of you.

6 Find a way to serve them

Isn’t it nice to be served every once in a while? Simple acts of servant-hood can go such a long way in your marriage. This isn’t something that comes naturally to me, so to be honest, I have to plan it…

Some of the things I like to do are things I KNOW my spouse doesn’t like having to do. Cleaning up his home office, changing the dirty diaper, making him coffee in the morning, making the bed, etc. And he does the same for me! Doing dishes, changing the dirty diaper, matching socks (Seriously, why?!), bringing me cereal in bed (pregnancy problems), etc.

Make a list of things you know your spouse dislikes doing, and choose a couple to do for them.

7 Be playful

Every marriage should have sense of humor as a core value #justsayin. Life is so serious and overwhelming sometimes, so when you have a spouse who can laugh it out with you, it makes it so much easier.

Laughter has even showed incredible health benefits in multiple studies! Tease your spouse, make jokes, be teased, and laugh at yourself. just don’t go as far as to make your spouse the subject of your jokes. There is a difference between being playful and being hurtful.

9 Let the bedroom be for bedroom related things

A huge issue with being married this day in age is that distractions are all around us. The habits you create in a room will trick your mind into what you DO in that room. So if you are constantly using the bedroom to binge netflix, you more than likely will have a difficult time getting in the mood for anything else.

This study shows how much TV in the bedroom can kill the mood. In order to be intimate, emotionally or physically, you have to be able to interact with that person.

This also goes for cell phones, tablets, and laptops; Although I’m sure you already knew that. You will have to decide just how far you want to go with this. I recommend keeping TV time in the living room and going to the bedroom together when you are done.

10 Ask & Tell

Communication is key, ammiright? We all give and receive love in different ways so it can be super helpful when we simply ask our spouse how we can love them better.

This is a two way street, so make sure you’re also letting your spouse know how they are doing and what you like.

This doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable conversation and it’s nothing to get your feelings hurt over. It’s healthy to give and receive feedback so that your marriage can continue to prosper.



Keep in mind, marriage takes intention, and how you go about building your marriage is going to be unique to you and your relationship. There are so many different ways you and your spouse can build your marriage daily.

What are some of the ways you like to build your marriage daily?

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13 thoughts on “10 Ways You Can Build Your Marriage Daily

  1. Maria

    I want it to share on facebook mobile but cannot do it because it asked for timeline link and when i put my link it will not redirect..hope we can share this to facebook directly without asking any link..This blog got Good contents.

    1. Kimb

      Hey! Thanks for letting me know. For now, on mobile, you have to share manually (by copying the link and posting it to Facebook). I am working with the developer to get this fixed at this time, and I hope to have an update within the next 48 hours.

  2. Iris

    This is a great article! There isn’t enough and can never be enough messages about there to help keep marriage healthy! I like the YouVersion best as well. It always ask when I start a new devotional if I want my friends to see it. I always say no. I never thought about the benefit for my husband and I to do a study together. Thanks for the idea!

  3. Jennifer - Libby and Lu

    I’ve noticed that it’s harder to connect with my husband recently thanks to work stress and the tiny dictator (um, toddler) that lives with us. I really like these ideas though.

    I need to get better at giving specific compliments. I dislike general compliments so I should go out of my way to make sure I don’t give those to my husband. He deserves to hear specifically what he’s great at 🙂

    Sometimes I match my husband’s socks. That’s how he knows I love him LOL.

    I also need to see if we can dump the tech in the bedroom. I think it would really help us.

    1. Kimb

      I never even used to think that less specific compliments were a bad thing. I never thought complimenting my daughter on her looks or anything was less impactful than complimenting her on things she can control, like how hard she worked on her chores or a homework assignment. Haha! socks are the worst, my husband does the socks and I fold everything else!

  4. Felicity

    Loved this post! Made me happy to see some of the things on our list that my hubby and I already do! Really like the bedroom for bedroom things…we currently do not have a TV in ours so that was step 1. Now just got to get the phones snapped gb other devices out!

    This was a great read!

    1. Kimb

      Yes, TV in the bedroom can be an incredible mood killer, I feel! lol phones are still in the room and I just love the idea of charging them elsewhere!

  5. Alexis H.

    I do most of these things with my hubby we don’t do the praying together or bible reading due to him being a non-believer but I pray for him and we kiss every morning and before bed! WE flirt and always make a point to spending a hour at least with no phones, tv’s, or games together!

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